Marauder Film is an American independent entertainment company that specializes in film and television production.
The company is based in Atlanta.



Marauder has purchased the rights to the beloved narrative-rich video-game Primordia, developing it as an animated series. The game boasts a perfect 10/10 score on Steam.

The series follows a robot named Horatio and his sidekick Crispin as they embark on a thrilling journey through a post-apocalyptic world to reclaim thier stolen power-core, encountering danger, beauty and the remnants of humanity. The show is a refreshing and heartwarming take on the post-apocalyptic genre.

The Wish Chamber

Be careful what you wish for! The Wish Chamber knows your deepest desires, even if you don't!

The Wish Chamber is an original animated action sci-fi series developed by Marauder, Level One Entertainment and writer Carolyn Townsend.

Is This Heaven?

Originally set up with Netflix's Spectacle division, this Sci-Fi original series follows Noon, a young girl who has a unique bond with the very creatures that nearly ended humanity.  

Is This Heaven is currently in turnaround at Netflix and seeking a new home.

Below The Salt

In the aftermath of an otherworldly invasion, it's very hard to know who or what is real in the sectioned-off seaside town of Haversworth, England.

Co-created by Connor Sheehan and Bastiaan Koch, this deeply grounded sci-fi televison show puts the modern world under a microscope.

The Playing Field

At the onset of World War 2, brothers join opposite airforces to settle thier political differences.  

The 3rd Letter

Marauder Film and Trioscope team up for the feature length adaptation to the 2011 Hollyshorts-winning short film with Greg Jonkajtys directing.


Bastiaan Koch

Bastiaan, founder of Marauder Film, is a seasoned writer (WGAW), director, and producer with 17+ years in Hollywood. He's contributed to major franchises like Star Wars, Transformers, Marvel, and Harry Potter, and sold an original Sci-Fi series to Netflix's Spectacle division. Bastiaan's track record includes being a part of 3 Oscar-winning teams, 5 nominations, and has an innate talent for team leadership and visual & narrative development.

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Kendra Koch

Kendra is a serial-entrepreneur who seamlessly applies her business acumen to film production. With a keen eye for impactful storytelling, she leads successful ventures in the industry, nurturing talent and pushing boundaries. Kendra's commitment to social impact extends to her focus in education, neurodiversity and environmental sustainability.

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